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News 01 December 2023

Highlights of 2023

As we approach the end of another remarkable year at LINAK, we are thrilled to reflect on some of the milestones we have achieved.

Year-round, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, delivering high-quality and user-friendly actuator solutions that align with the ever-evolving needs of our customers and end users.

Four LINAK employees sitting in front of the production area.

Committed to sustainability
Thinking sustainably has always been a part of our decision-making, but this year we took it a step further by committing to the Paris Agreement.

We are working on initiatives that will improve our climate footprint, create strong global LINAK® communities, and reassure customers that their quality products are built on both environmentally and socially responsible principles.

Get to know the details here.

LINAK DPI1K and DPI1C: desk panels with built-in anti-collision desk sensor for standing desks

DPI series won the Red Dot Design Award
This summer the Red Dot Jury once again found good design and innovation at LINAK, and we are now a two-time winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award. We were acknowledged for the design of our new DPI series of desk panels with built-in anti-collision sensor.

And continuing its winning streak, the DPI also won the German Innovation Award being among the innovations shaping the future and improving lives.


Reaching new heights
In 2023, we reached new heights with the new ELEVATE™ lifting column – a cobot palletiser that improves performance by extending the reach for higher palletising.

ELEVATE is a game-changer for cobot performance, ensuring a noticeable boost in performance – with the high position accuracy, it is a top-notch solution for improved palletising operations.

Prevent infection, enhance hygiene solutions with antimicrobial protection, LINAK Protect™.

Clean with confidence
With a 25-year commitment to hygiene, LINAK remains dedicated to rising to the healthcare challenges of tomorrow and we continuously seek to raise the bar for washability.

"Being prepared is the best strategy" is not just a motto at LINAK, we take hygiene very seriously, particularly in these times when hygiene is paramount to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


As we reflect on 2023, we want to give thanks to all our loyal customers, professional suppliers, and associates for their collaboration throughout the year. We would also like to express our gratitude to our dedicated workforce. The hard work and team spirit they embody are what truly define LINAK. It is these combined efforts that keep us moving forward in our mission to improve people's lives every single day.


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