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LINAK Protect™ - Protection through hygiene

Never has the need for cleanliness in healthcare been so critical. Nor has the need for bacteria and microbe-free surfaces been so vital in stopping the spread of infection. The rise of COVID 19 has again highlighted the deadly role that contaminated surfaces play in the spread of disease and infection, such as antibiotic-resistant infections - especially in hospital and care home environments.

Washability helps hospitals fight infections

The battle continues

Antibiotic-resistant infections remain one of the biggest health risks of our time. Addressing this threat is still a public health priority. COVID 19 is not the first and will not be the last challenge our struggling healthcare system will face. It is time to clean up our act.

By 2050, more people will die of hospital infections than cancer.
Statens Serum Institute

Are you prepared?

At LINAK, we have a range of washable healthcare devices and interfaces, which permit thorough cleaning, again and again, without affecting product performance: A powerful contribution to an infection-free future.


Clean with confidence

Contamination from even the cleanest hands is hard to prevent, and accepted cleaning processes are no longer adequate to prevent infection spreading from surfaces such as bed frames and control interfaces. However, with modern automated cleaning processes, it is possible to thoroughly clean and disinfect hospital equipment. But that equipment must be equipped with robust and washable elements if it is to withstand the rigours of constant cleaning and washing.


Did you know?
The 5 moments for hand hygiene

To fight the spread of hospital-acquired infections, the WHO defines 5 key moments when healthcare workers should perform hand hygiene:

  1. Before touching a patient
  2. Before clean/aseptic procedure
  3. After body fluid exposure risk
  4. After touching a patient
  5. After touching patient surroundings

Read more about the WHO guidelines for hand hygiene here.

WHO defines 5 key moments when healthcare workers should perform hand hygiene

Fighting infection since 1990

Over 30 years ago, LINAK introduced the concept of “washable” components, which went beyond the then insufficient IP ratings. Over the years, this concept became a standard adopted by the industry. In the fall of 2017, we again raised the bar for lasting hygiene with our range of DURA™ components: 5X more durable than existing standards demand.

The IP code is an international standard also known as an IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating): It is the rating of a product's ability to withstand liquid and dust intrusion. Defined by IEC/EN 60529, the standard was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission and is recognised all over the world. The IP rating represents a code that the manufacturer is supposed to specify, so that the client knows if the product is protected against intrusions of solid-state or liquid particles.

IPX4 icon
Wipe down
Protected against water splashing from any angle.
IPX6 icon
Water protected
Protected against high pressure water jets from any angle.
IPX6 Washable icon
Machine washable
Tested according to normal industry standards.
IPX6 Washable DURA™ icon
Extended machine washable
Tested to exceed normal industry standards to ensure a long lifetime, wash after wash.


A new layer of protection for HB80 and ACO

Enhance your hygiene solutions with antimicrobial protection.

For obvious reasons, maintaining hygiene in today’s healthcare environments is more relevant than ever and the fight against infection continues. For over 25 years, we have been enabling a more hygienic approach to keeping infections at bay by developing products that can withstand washing and disinfection again and again. From wipe downs to tunnel washes, we will carry on developing solutions that minimise microbial infection from contaminated surfaces. Protection through hygiene is an ongoing commitment for us, as we rise to tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.


An extra layer of protection

As new antimicrobial technologies become proven and available, we evaluate and incorporate them into selected, relevant products. The latest addition is an antimicrobial additive, which in combination with existing cleaning procedures, can negatively affect bacteria that may contaminate surfaces. With the introduction of our HB80 hand controller and ACO attendant controller, which incorporate an antimicrobial additive, we have concentrated our efforts on adding an extra layer of protection to products which end users handle the most – and which carry the greatest risk.

Hand control HB80HB80 hand control
Attendant Control OpenBus (ACO)ACO attendant control

A cumulative effect

Keeping surfaces clean is not simple. Every touch, every hand, holds a risk. With an antimicrobial additive in these products, we cannot stop cross-contamination, rather we add an extra layer of protection, which combined with standard practices like frequent hand washing, wiping down and washing and disinfection, can contribute to lowering incidences of infection: Consider it part of a cumulative process to increase protection by minimising risk at every touchpoint.


How it works

By incorporating a tried and trusted antimicrobial additive in the manufacture of our pendants, LINAK significantly reduces the potential for cross contamination from surfaces we interact with. Introduced during the manufacturing process, antimicrobial additives exert, by various modes of action, a negative effect on any contaminating microbes, causing them to reduce.


Hygiene is contagious

In Nordic hospitals, the use of automated wash tunnels to disinfect beds and lifts is on the rise. It is only a matter of time before the benefits of this cost-reducing, hygiene-boosting solution becomes commonplace. This trend places higher demands on the components that OEMs use for their bed and lift solutions: They must be able to withstand multiple washes in the harsh, extreme conditions of the wash tunnel.


Future-proof solutions

By fitting LINAK Washable or DURA™ standard components now, companies can offer bed and lift solutions, which will be wash-tunnel-ready, if and when their customers upgrade their cleaning programme, saving them the cost of replacing non-washable units.



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