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News 03 February 2020

Falling asleep to your TV is no longer a problem

LINAK® introduces a brand new ‘Sleep Timer’ function with the hand control HC40. The advanced editions of HC40 FRAME™ and HC40 TWIST™ will both come with this new feature as standard, providing extra comfort for consumers and giving bed brands an extra branding option – Provider of good sleep!

Set a timer to make the bed drive to a flat position once the time has elapsed.

Most of us can recall a time when we fell asleep in bed while watching TV or while reading a book. We wake up with a start in the middle of the night, still sitting upright, but now with a sore neck or back, or a numb leg from sitting for hours in an awkward position.

We are not alone. Before developing the new LINAK® hand control HC40, we did a comprehensive survey among users of adjustable comfort beds, and many of the responses mention this commonly known scenario where users occasionally fall asleep to the TV.

Accommodating real life
But adjustable comfort beds are not supposed to lead to discomfort for their owners. So to counter this, we propose a fix. A sleep timer not so unlike the one known from TVs. Just like setting the TV to turn off after a set number of minutes, you can set the bed to drive to a ‘sleeping position’ after a certain number of minutes. This is what we call ‘Sleep Timer’*.

The feature is very easy and deals with the concerns experienced by users of electric adjustable beds everywhere – ‘what if I fall asleep while sitting up?’

Falling asleep in front of the TV is no longer a problem

Associate your brand with a good night’s sleep
Retaining or increasing the users’ perception of a convenience brand is boosted by the LINAK® HC40 hand controls – HC40 FRAME™ and HC40 TWIST™. The Advanced editions of the two controls come with a ‘Sleep Timer’ as standard and will definitely add extra value to you or your customers’ exclusive lines of beds.

Consumers are undoubtedly willing to pay for improved sleep quality, and the convenience factor here is a leading sales argument. You will be able to offer yet another feature deemed truly valuable by the consumer. We know, because we asked the users.

Be a convenience brand and help people improve their quality of sleep – ultimately improving lives.

Both the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced & the HC40 FRAME™ Advanced can include the sleep timer functionBoth the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced & the HC40 FRAME™ Advanced can include the sleep timer function.

*Sleep timer requires that automatic drive is enabled. 

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