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News 27 April 2016

Guide to choosing the Kick & Click solution that fits your office desk

Kick & Click comes in three versions, but how do you know which one is the best solution for you? We give you an overview and list the main differences to guide you through.

Guide to choosing the Kick & Click solution that fits your office desk

Remember Kick & Click™? It is the new smart intuitive solution for mounting Desklift columns to the tabletop of office desks.

We know that office desks can vary in both design, style, construction, etc. Thus, Kick & Click comes in three versions so you can find the solution that fits you and your desk best.

The versions are named: Kick & Click Adjustable, Kick & Click Fixed, and Kick & Click Base. 

Common for all three versions is that the cantilever is invisible and in a neutral style. This means that it does not interfere with the desk design.

Talking about desk design, another common feature of Kick & Click is the flexible position of the cantilever, which enables the design of both T and C-Desks (centrally placed columns or off-centre columns).

Characteristics of the different versions

Kick & Click Fixed

Choose Kick & Click Fixed if you are looking for a compact solution where only limited space is needed.
  • For desk widths of 1.20 m (4 feet)
  • Especially for touchdown desks and multi-user desks
Kick & Click Adjustable

This is the most flexible solution as it enables various desk designs due to the adjustable telescopic rail.
  • For desk widths ranging from 1.40 m – 2.0 m (4.6 to 6.6 feet)
  • High degree of flexibility
Kick & Click Base

This is the solution for desks where the stability is achieved via the tabletop or from customised rails.
  • The desk length is flexible and independent from the Kick & Click
  • For solutions with customised rails

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