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News 11 March 2016

Practical technology takes the stage

It is important that stages look good, are practical, and easy to put up and take down. Mesut Uelgen now has it all.

Practical technology takes the stage

Mesut Uelgen works as a fitter with the broadcaster ORF in Vienna and is responsible for the sets of a wide range of programmes. With his colleagues, he builds the sets designed by the station's architects.

Due to the fact that some designs pose extra challenges to the craftsmen, Uelgen decided to deploy six Baselift™ units, produced by the Danish specialist in linear actuator technology LINAK, to construct the set design for ORF's popular show, "Bingo".

As simple as it is smart
"The rostrums where the quiz participants stand are very heavy. Their design makes them difficult to move around," explains Uelgen. The solution implemented at ORF is as simple as it is smart: Six Baselift units are sunk into the floor of the studio.

With a jack lift truck Mesut Uelgen and his team can lift the complete rostrums, stands and other stage elements. They can manoeuvre the elements into position over the hatches operated by Baselift units. Lastly, the Baselift units are used to lower the elements – creating a fixed element on the stage.

In other words, the set for the programme is in place within minutes. As a result, Mesut is very content: "Our solution using Baselift units has made our job much easier. Especially as we need to put up and take down the set-up to twice a week."            

The simple Plug&Play system from LINAK has proved to be beneficial. Each Baselift unit is connected to two control boxes and a small hand-held control panel. And that was it! No further control equipment is needed to achieve the perfect simultaneous operation of the individual lifting devices: everything is controlled via the LINAK control box.

Up to 16 Baselift units are put together to run in parallel. Each unit is capable of lifting 150 kilograms. That is more than enough for the set components or for kitchens, for which the LINAK system was originally developed.

"We are impressed with the quality of LINAK products and service," says Walter Mayer, ORF's production manager for fixtures and fittings. Therefore, it is no accident that the new Baselift system has found a place at ORF. Mesut Uelgen is convinced that the newly developed solution can be used for faster set construction on other programmes too.

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