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News 05 May 2022

Expect more from your linear movement with I/O™ actuators

Move faster from great idea to effective operation and take control of your linear movement with the flexibility to configure and test your software settings – again and again.

The game-changing flexibility of a universal LINAK® I/O interface, bringing innovative actuator ideas to life is simpler and more agile. The comprehensive features of I/O give you the flexibility to configure and test your software settings again and again – without having to request a new prototype each time.


A flexible interface for agile minds

The LINAK I/O actuator is the definition of flexibility. With its range of movement and choice of input control and data output, the I/O actuator offers endless modification to give you full control of the exact functionalities you need. Moving swiftly from innovation to action, input options let you adjust and control the electric actuator to perfection, while output data gives invaluable insights into application performance.


A smart actuator setting new industry standards

I/O allows you to create smart actuator solutions with tailor-made precision, enhanced diagnostics, and uptime reliability.

With this new actuator solution, LINAK wants to push the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to customising an actuator and to give you more control over the actuator, so you can build even better products.

Learn more about the I/O™ actuator and the options that comes with it here

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