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News 16 September 2019

New control box CA63 - best of both analogue and digital

For OEMs manufacturing adjustable healthcare equipment with more advanced features, such as parallel drive, anti-collision and memory positions, LINAK now offers a control box with Bluetooth® functionality.

Control box CA63

LINAK® has introduced a brand new analogue control box CA63 for a wide variety of adjustable medical equipment. It comes with the exact same fit and size as its OpenBus™ sibling, the CO61. However, it offers other options, than the the CO-box series.

Have more flexibility when designing applications
For the OEM requesting an actuator system able to integrate and include, for example, the OEM’s own hand control and/or footswitch, the CA63 is the obvious choice. The analogue input makes it easy for you to utilise your LINAK® hand control – or your own – and the microprocessor allows you to control the CA63 in multiple ways. For example, in a straight-forward analogue way with four channels or by adding several advanced features using the same handset – just by making a few changes in the software! 

Bluetooth® wireless technology – numerous new options
The CA63 is equipped with Bluetooth for wireless operation. You can now operate your LINAK system with a wireless hand control or footswitch. You can even combine a wired and a wireless handset at the same time.

Enjoy familiar features
The new analogue control box has many of the same advantages regarding power, safety and washability known from the CO-box series, e.g. CO61 and CO71. It comes with the same 200 W SMPS as the CO61, and it also qualifies with an IP rating of IPX6 Washable DURA™. And apart from enabling the familiar smooth movement, this box lives up to all LINAK requirements regarding easy installation and easy mounting. Including a Port Junction Box PJ2 with your CA63, you can even operate up to six full channels in total.

If you want to know more about the new analogue control box CA63 for modern medical equipment, you are always welcome to contact your local LINAK® office


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