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News 24 May 2016

New Solution - Design 3-leg Office Desks with Kick & Click

Giving you freedom to design is essential for LINAK. This is confirmed with the launch of a “3rd leg kit” for Kick & Click, enabling the design of office desks with three legs.

New solutions design 3 leg office desks with Kick & Click

Remember Kick & Click – the innovative system to assemble office desks? Kick & Click was launched less than a year ago, and ever since, we have experienced an increasing interest in and demand for the product.

That is why we are also proud to introduce the latest development of the product: namely a solution to design office desks with three legs with Kick & Click.

The solution is called: Kick & Click 3rd leg kit. This means that you can now make the desk assembly of 3-leg office desks fast, easy and intuitively with Kick & Click.

As the name indicates, it is a kit and therefore cannot be used as a stand-alone product. The solution is to have a full Kick & Click Adjustable set, e.g. combine it with a 3rd leg kit. 

The 3rd leg kit consists of a Kick & Click base, a cantilever and telescopic rails.
The rails can be adjusted between 1100 mm and 1700 mm allowing different desks sizes.

A wealth of options
Whether you want to design two or three leg desks, T- or C-Desks, large or small desks – there are literally countless ways to do so with Kick & Click. With the increasing number of different columns in the DESKLIFT (DL) portfolio, the options are endless, leaving the designers and manufacturers with absolute freedom to design. Because great products allow great design!

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