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News 05 July 2022

Taking protection to the frontline

As new strains of COVID emerge, the need for hygiene in today’s healthcare environments remains paramount. With LINAK Protect™, we continue to develop solutions that will minimise microbial infection from contaminated surfaces. The latest addition to our portfolio takes the battle to the front line, adding an extra layer of protection to products that end-users handle most – and which present the greatest risk of cross contamination.

LINAK Protect™ - Doctors hands on a hospital bed rail.

Minimising risk at every touchpoint

The HB80 hand controller and ACO attendant controller now have a specially treated surface incorporating an antimicrobial additive. When combined with existing wipe-down procedures, this extra layer of protection can negatively affect bacteria that may contaminate the surfaces of the devices. An important frontline addition to any hygiene regime, antimicrobial protection presents another barrier to infection.

Part of a bigger picture

Of course, antimicrobial protection alone cannot stop cross contamination. But when combined with standard practices like frequent hand washing, wiping down and washing and disinfection, it can contribute to lowering incidences of infection. As part of the LINAK Protect™ portfolio, it extends the potential for protection from the very first point of contact.

An ongoing commitment to hygiene

For over 25 years we have been helping to keep infections at bay with products that can withstand washing and disinfection again and again - and a few years back, we raised the bar for lasting hygiene with our range of DURA™ components, which are 5x more durable than existing standards demand. From wipe downs to tunnel washes we will carry on developing solutions that minimise microbial infection from contaminated surfaces. Our new antimicrobial protected pendants represent the latest advance in our ongoing commitment to address tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

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