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News 10 April 2019

How technology will influence and change future farming

PODCAST: A team of three mechanical engineers at the Harper Adams University in England, created a ‘Hands Free Hectare’ just outside the town of Shropshire. Together they developed fully automated machinery to work a field of barley – from start to finish – without going into the field themselves at all.

Team of three mechanical engineers

The team used LINAK® linear actuators for their machinery, so LINAK UK’s Louise Eales invited the team members, Jonathan Gill and Kit Franklin, for a talk about how they converted electronic outputs from an open-source system for drones and enabled a tractor to become the world’s first automated full-sized tractor – and to talk about the future of farming in general.

The team call themselves ‘technology integrators’ and describe their work as ‘automating traditional farming equipment to take care of the job’. 

‘The analogy of going to the moon where you can’t go there, unless you have got special equipment’, Jonathan Gill says and also explains what difference LINAK made in the process.

‘When we were working with LINAK there was a range of actuators that allowed us to get the control and the power that was required for this project’.

If you want to get the full interview with Jonathan Gill and Kit Franklin, listen to the LINAK UK podcast: 
‘LINcast UK – episode 1’.

Future of Farming – How is it going to change

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