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News 10 March 2020

LINAK OPS to power heat pads in healthcare equipment

A new OpenBus™ power supply from LINAK allows manufacturers of healthcare applications, such as treatment couches and treatment chairs, to add heat pads to the equipment without worrying about power shortage.

LINAK OPS to power heat pads in healthcare equipment

They are used in, for example, physiotherapy, dialysis treatment and in operating theatres at hospitals. Heating features in healthcare applications help a patient relax the muscles and keep him/her warm and comfortable during treatment.

The new LINAK® OPS is a specially designed OpenBus™ power supply unit, allowing healthcare equipment manufacturers to add heat pads to their adjustable applications – without losing or compromising the usual LINAK benefits.

Works with your actuator system – or as stand-alone
The OPS is of course designed to work with the rest of your LINAK® adjustment system. By connecting it to the application’s port junction box, you can control it with the same hand control you use for the other functions on the couch, chair, bed or table. However, you can also add it as a stand-alone system.

Delivers constant power and programmable positions
Using an OPS with your heat pads, there is no need to worry about power supply. The unit secures full heat functionality and maximum patient comfort regardless of load on the application’s movement system.

The OpenBus™ setup also provides users with a set of programmable memory positions – it even offers the option of setting a timed treatment. For example, warming for 20 minutes at one temperature, then lowering it to another for 10 minutes, and then turning off the heat completely.

Compatible with your LINAK® system
The OPS uses the same design as the LINAK® control box CO series. This means that it is as easy to mount and to integrate as the rest of your actuator system, using the same brackets and cables. This also means that a solution with OPS and heat pads determines the IP rating of the application.

If you want to know more about how to integrate LINAK® OPS (OpenBus™ Power Supply) and heat pads with your healthcare application, please contact your local LINAK office.

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