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News 18 March 2016

A kitchen where cooking is more fun

A height adjustable kitchen from the kitchen manufacturer Sachsenküchen has been installed at the private home of a German couple. It brings ergonomics, comfort and fun in the kitchen.

A kitchen where cooking is more fun

Andreas Martin likes to cook. Cooking is his way of relaxing after a stressful day in his medical practice. When moving into a new flat it became clear that the kitchen was not only a functional space, but also a social hub. That is why Andreas Martin chose an ERGOmatic kitchen from the German kitchen manufacturer Sachsenküchen.

The doctor was instantly fascinated after seeing that he could adjust the height of the kitchen. „This is really a great feature. I can adjust the height individually for different activities,“ Andreas Martin says. 

Like other kitchens, Martin’s kitchen also serves as a social hub in the flat. The kitchen island both separates and unites the kitchen and the living room area.

Every party ends in the kitchen. At our place, it begins in the kitchen,“ says the doctor. ”When friends visit, I drive the kitchen island to the top position. The worktop turns into a stand-up table where we can easily put our glasses and plates. Our guests are astonished and very impressed when I go to the kitchen island to drive it upwards. To many people it is still new that you can adjust a kitchen in height”, says the doctor.

The ERGOmatic kitchen was set up in his flat in December 2013. Since then, the height adjustment function has been in constant use. The motors perform their work smoothly and quietly. Elko Beeg, Managing Director of Sachsenküchen, says, “LINAK motor systems are extremely reliable and very easy to operate. Even very heavy kitchen islands can be adjusted as well.“

By means of the touch panel, three different heights can be permanently programmed. This makes the use of the kitchen much more comfortable. Andreas is excited about his ERGOmatic kitchen. “The kitchen will move with us. That is for sure,“ he says.

At the push of a button or a touch panel, eight lifting columns adjust the over three metres wide kitchen island by 20 centimetres. The ERGOmatic system from Sachsenküchen allows adjusting working heights from 855 to 1055 mm.

Usually family members have different heights and they all spend time cooking. With a static kitchen, none of them has an ideal working height. It may be too high for one person and too low for another.

Electric adjustment compensates for this difference and provides a flexible kitchen fitted for the individual user. However, this is not the only advantage. Andreas Martin and his partner Romy Eckert are equally tall, and they find it very useful.

Romy Eckert and Andreas Martin are happy with their adjustable kitchen.

When rinsing vegetables or chopping onions, you need a different working height than when you stir in a large pot. A study from the Technical University of Darmstadt established this. If you enjoy cooking, you learn to appreciate this feature. As Martin says: “When the pan is on the stove, I adjust to the appropriate height. Then cooking is even more fun.“

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