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News 26 January 2022

DL PLUS™ High-speed: Rises to today’s performance and design challenges

By itself it is relatively simple to add speed: just add power. What is more complicated though, is to deliver on speed without compromising on sound, load, and self-lock.


Rise to the challenge

This is where LINAK® has risen to the challenge. The result? The new three-part DL PLUS™ High-speed lifting column, optional for the PLUS series of DL6, DL19, and DL21. Now you can offer your customers improved convenience that allows them to change the desk position even faster – while the desk still sounds great and stops smoothly and accurately, in true LINAK fashion.


Powerful and fast performance

Tested to deliver a full speed of up to 80mm/s and a maximum of 600 N load on each single lifting column, the DL PLUS™ High-speed columns deliver a powerful high-load/high-speed performance. And what it lifts it can hold: with a self-lock of twice the maximum load, the desk holds its position without sinking - even during unforeseen extra load.


Same column - different speeds

Do you need 60 mm/s or 80 mm/s? Combine the DL PLUS™ High-speed column with the 200-W version of the Control Box CBD6S and you get 60 mm/s, or combine the high-speed column with the 300-W version and you get 80 mm/s. As simple as that, this is what we call Plug & Play™.


Fast but discreet

For your customers, good sound can make a difference, especially for their high-end desk designs. That is why we have engineered the new 3-part DL PLUS™ High-speed lifting columns to sound as great as they perform – even at full speed under maximum load.

With the popular finishes of the DL PLUS™ motor-housing columns and the added power of hidden high-speed technology, you have the perfect high-end desk solution that rises to today’s design and performance challenge in every sense.


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