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News 06 March 2019

Unique sound quality by the strong lifting column LC3

Quiet. Safe. Powerful. Lifting up to 6,000 N in push and 4,000 N in pull with a pleasant sound.

Everybody working professionally with adjustable healthcare equipment knows that the number of requirements and demands for modern applications can be quite extensive. 

At LINAK, we acknowledge the importance of sound made by our products in use. During the development phase, the sound level is optimised to reach the most pleasant sound for the users. The LC3 sets the standard for lifting with an extremely pleasant sound, increasing the comfort for the healthcare staff and the person in treatment. 

Imagine the difference sound makes 
Patients receive treatment or surgery in very quiet surroundings, where the sound of the moving application, for instance a table or a chair, is noticed by the patient and the healthcare staff. 

The LINAK® lifting column LC3 is developed to offer a unique sound quality below 50 dB. A pleasant sound-level is difficult to describe in words, but when you listen to the LC3 moving your application into the correct position, you will know. 
If you have any questions regarding the sound levels of LINAK® actuators or lifting columns, or about LC3 specifically, please contact your local LINAK office.


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The LC3 also meets customers’ request for powerful lifting with:

  • High speed and memory options for fast and easy positioning of the application
  • Strong bending moment for high off-centre loads
  • Advanced and flexible cable management

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