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News 25 November 2020

LINAK-Danfoss collaboration paves way for electric actuators in heavy-duty machinery

It is called PLUS+1 – it is a unique systems development platform for engineers creating intelligent off-highway vehicles built to cope with harsh conditions in outdoor environments. A new software extension to the tool, makes it possible to add LINAK actuators as easy as drag and drop.

Danfoss, LINAK and PLUS+1 logos

Through a close collaboration between LINAK® TECHLINE® and Danfoss® Power Solutions, a new extension to the Danfoss development tool, PLUS+1®, makes it possible for engineers to add electric actuators when designing intelligent off-highway vehicles and other heavy-duty machinery.

The two Danish engineering pioneers have designed a so-called ‘compliance block’ – a software extension, allowing engineers using the system to add electric movement solutions from LINAK to their vehicle design.

“We experience a growth in the market of electric movement solutions in mobile agriculture, industrial automation, material handling, and even in construction,” says Thomas Moeller, Applications Engineer at LINAK. “Enabling development engineers to easily pick and choose electric actuators from inside the Danfoss PLUS+1 system, makes so much sense – not only for us, LINAK and Danfoss – but certainly also for the customers and engineers utilising the tool.”


Fast and easy way to market

The Danfoss PLUS+1 platform is already a household name among manufacturers of vehicles for rugged terrains. Through an intuitive programme interface called PLUS+1® GUIDE, the designing engineer can use it to add, move, drag and drop all the components and parts he needs to make the perfect vehicle. All on his or her Windows PC screen and all without having any prior software programming skills.

The new PLUS+1 compliance block extends the wealth of options already available for the system to include the LINAK electric actuators too.


“With this we hope to see more actuator sales for LINAK and feedback from our PLUS+1 customers, requesting more complementary products with PLUS+1 compliance blocks for the platform,” says Kevin Faulds, Director for Software Products, Marketing, and Sales, Danfoss Power Solutions.


LINAK and Danfoss forms the ideal partnership

Looking at the two innovative market leaders and the engineering tradition they are both part of, it is not hard to see, why collaboration between LINAK and Danfoss is so obvious. Both keenly focused on customer needs and on thorough engineering of quality products, the two attracts the discerning customer, and according to Thomas Moeller, the collaboration on the new PLUS+1 compliance block adds to this.

“Of course, being an integrated part of a full and highly modular control system manufactured by leading specialists at Danfoss is another wonderful stamp of approval to our actuator products,” he says and continues: “We are always looking forward to adding new products and technologies as they are developed, and we feel sure the customers will experience having additional advantages from the integration”.

To Danfoss and Kevin Faulds the collaboration and the new addition to the PLUS+1 GUIDE has some obvious and truly fundamental advantages for the customers.

“From my perspective, working with a market leader in a product domain that is complementary to our product portfolio is always key,” he says and underlines the feeling of peace of mind you get when working with another market leader. “We wanted a partner with the best-in-class products that would convey high quality and good reputation of Danfoss. The fact that LINAK too is a Danish company – not far from Danfoss headquarters – made it a perfect fit for this kind of partnership”.

Find more information on PLUS+1 and PLUS+1 GUIDE on the Danfoss website or visit the LINAK Tech & Trends section. If you need to know more about PLUS+1® Compliant electric actuators, please explore the related content below. You are also welcome to direct specific questions about the LINAK compliance block to our experts in LINAK TECHLINE.

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