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News 12 July 2016

Regular exercise is not enough

Do you spend most of your working day sitting down? Odds are that you do. As a result, some try to get regular exercise outside of work to compensate for sedentary behaviour. However, research shows that this is not enough.

Regular exercise is not enough
We might work out, but research shows that sedentary behaviour is independent of physical activity. In other words, you can go jogging 30 to 60 minutes, but it will still not undo the amount of hours you have been sitting.

It's hard to know what the right thing to do is, but this animation introduces one simple tip: Let’s move. 

When we sit all day, our bodies go into decline. That is why we need to change working positions during the day. The animation underlines the importance of sitting less during the day. One way to do this is with a sit-stand desk.

Let’s move!

Interested in more tips? Watch our other animation about 6 tips for an ergonomic working day. Read much more about ergonomics and sit/stand desks on

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