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News 11 September 2018

Implement durable movement in yacht designs

Movement and adjustment have never been easier to integrate in modern yacht designs. LINAK actuator solutions are durable and deliver smooth movement for a number of applications on board.

Implement durable movement in yacht designs

Everything used for blue water sailing needs to be extraordinarily durable. Sun, salt, and water are ruthless masters and wear out equipment over time. Obviously, this also includes the adjustable parts – perhaps more than anything else. Hinges and mountings carry heavy loads and the actuators moving the parts attached to them must be able to cope with the harsh environment.

At the same time, a modern yacht needs to offer comfort for everybody on board. Adjustable sofas, beds, tables, windows, as well as shelves, TV lifts or stow features below deck must be designed to offer sailors increased comfort.

It all may sound very advanced and complicated. But it does not have to be.

Enjoy versatile solutions for multiple purposes on board
Integrating LINAK® electric actuator solutions in modern yacht design has several advantages. LINAK has decades of experience of creating movement where space is limited. Whether you need to adjust a folding roof, the radar arch, lift hatches, or lower the aft bathing platform, LINAK has strong and versatile solutions that are easy to integrate with your overall design. We gladly help you perfect solutions and optimise them to meet end-user requirements.

Implement durable movement marine

Trust in durable actuators with a long service life
Every LINAK product leaving our production undergoes a series of harsh tests to make sure they can cope with conditions at sea. The standby power consumption of electric actuators is low, meaning less wear and tear when not in use. All-in-all, we expect our solutions to perform flawlessly for many years – even without needing any scheduled maintenance.

Work with a knowledgeable partner
As many yachts are specially fitted according to customer requests, LINAK stands ready to help create the desired movement and ensure optimal utilisation of limited space on board. We have decades of experience tailoring solutions to customers, and extensive knowledge about electric movement for all sorts of tough environments. Being present in 35 countries across the world makes us accessible everywhere.

To learn more about how LINAK can contribute to increased comfort and usability on board yachts, please, contact your local LINAK office


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