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News 03 December 2018

Electric actuated valves optimise processes in wastewater treatment

Filtering out phosphorus from wastewater helps save energy and costs in modern treatment plants. LINAK® actuator solutions help optimise the process of extracting the phosphorus by reliably automating the valves involved.

To be able to control the treatment process in a modern wastewater plant, a number of actuators are needed for reliable valve control. Automating and easily controlling valves calls for the right set-up, and LINAK has come up with an optimal actuator solution for this. It is extremely durable, easy to control both automatically and manually, and even easier to install.

At the Marselisborg wastewater facility near Aarhus, Denmark, a system consisting of a decanter centrifuge, precipitation tanks, and recovery reactors extracts phosphorus from the water. This helps the plant save energy during the biological treatment. It also prevents sediments from building inside pipes, slowing down the process and ultimately destroying the pipes.

Electric actuators help pave the way for energy savings
LINAK® actuators have an important role to play in controlling the outlet of reject water from the decanter centrifuge and into the precipitation tanks. It is critical that this process runs reliably to ensure an optimal extraction of phosphorus.

The extracted compound comes out as ‘Struvite’ – a popular fertiliser for many gardeners and greenkeepers. The Struvite is retailed, and the wastewater plant saves money by decreasing energy consumption and diminishing maintenance costs.

Electric actuated valves optimise processes in wastewater treatment

Durable electric actuators that are easy to install
LINAK electric actuators help facilitate the valves, making this process possible. They are tested to withstand even the harshest environments – for years. With specially designed mounting brackets (designed for ISO flanges F07 and F10) they are made extremely easy to integrate and to install. Once set up, the system is equally easy to operate and control – either via an external unit (WCU) or a SCADA solution.

Electric actuated valves optimise processes in wastewater treatment

If you want to know more about how electric actuators can improve modern wastewater treatment, please contact your local LINAK office.

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