News 16 March 2016

It has never been easier to use your height adjustable desk

We sit down too much and move too little. A height adjustable desk is a good way to bring movement into your working day, and it has never been easier to use it. Desk Control™ is the little nudge to assist you.

A nudge to sedentary sitting
We sit down for breakfast. We sit down in our cars. Many of us sit down throughout a long working day in the office. On average we spend more than 12 hours a day sitting down. 12 hours when we are essentially inactive.

Many offices are equipped with sit-stand desks. Large businesses know that employees working at height adjustable desks work more efficiently and stay healthier.

However, the problem is that many employees fail to take advantage of the opportunity to switch between sitting and standing during their working day. What is missing is an essential little "nudge" – a reminder to tell you "it is time to stand up!" on a regular basis. This is where Desk Control comes into the picture.

Desk Control, the personal reminder
LINAK® Desk Control™ is a software for controlling your desk and commanding any movement from your computer keyboard. It also reminds you to stand up. With self-defined intervals, it pops up on your computer screen and encourages you to switch between sitting and standing positions throughout the working day. With just one mouse click, you can set your personal goals, which will both motivate and increase the use of the height adjustable desk.

Just a cable and software
In no time, you are up and running with Desk Control, and with no trouble. All you need is a LINAK USB2LIN cable to connect your LINAK control box with your computer.

The software is downloadable free of charge on the LINAK webpage and easily installed on both PC and Mac. With just one mouse click, you can now adjust your desk and will receive a reminder to switch between sitting and standing positions.

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