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News 20 October 2021

Make your next smart move with IC™ actuators

Imagine learning how to play chess from the greatest of chess masters. LINAK is your “chess” coach – enabling you to do your next smart move with IC actuators.

Chess is a refined board game where tactics and intelligence are the key to success. The world of intelligent actuators is not that different. Let LINAK® guide you towards your next smart move and support your winning ambitions with a refined IC™ solution.

With the IC™ actuators with built-in controller, you get a solution with reduced complexity, which lowers the risk of mounting errors and ensures easy installation. Furthermore, you get access to productivity enhancing data to drive continuous improvements, make your application move smarter and optimise productivity. Choosing an IC actuator from LINAK is a smart move in so many ways!

The IC actuators with Integrated Controller take advantage of the latest digital technology to offer users more benefits including greater efficiency, added features and ease of use. IC actuators are fully equipped to provide greater control and precise feedback, while supporting the development of applications. The heart of the Integrated Controller is built on the well-known H-bridge technology that controls the actuators’ movement in both directions.

Of course, the IC actuators “speak your language” and offer a variety of industrial and mobile interfaces, allowing you to easily integrate intelligent and reliable movement with existing control systems – even into complex systems. The built-in interfaces all offer crucial usage data to allow maximum performance in your application with data to avoid downtime. All you have to do is the final configuration to meet your needs.

Opting for IC actuators is simply the smartest move.

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