6 Tips For An Ergonomic Better Workday

Do you sit down and work most of your workday? If so, you should have a look at this short animation to learn about ergonomics and see how easy you can get to work more ergonomically correct.

Corporate News:  31 May 2016
6 tips for an ergonomic better workday by LINAK

We all know it. Many of us sit down too much while being at work. However, there are many ways to reduce this sedentary behaviour. Having adjustable office furniture, such as a height adjustable office desk is one way to change this behaviour.

Closely related to this is “ergonomics”. We give you 6 tips, which are easy to implement, to get you started to work more ergonomically correct. Hopefully, this will bring more movement into the workday.

Watch the animation see why you should choose an ergonomic approach to your workday.


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Updated: 31 May 2016 10:16