One Week Ago

The control box CO61 is on the loose. In fact, it has been out for a week now. If you have just been going about your day, you may be missing out.

Product News:  27 April 2016
Last week we set loose the latest addition to our vision for healthcare control boxes. Did you see it?

CO61   The CO61 is the newest addition to our family of control boxes for healthcare.

It is true to the vision with:
  • Worldwide compatibility with SMPS
  • IPX6 washable protection for high hygiene
  • Easy fit with multiple mounting options
  • High performance with standard LINAK quality

What is new?
OpenBus™ technology making you capable of adding extra value to your application, such as Service Data Tool or OpenBus accessories. 

Watch the video

The CO61 and its family members the control boxes CA30 and CA40 are waiting for you here.

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