Customer Saves Assembly Time With The New Innovative Kick & Click System

10 - 12 minutes assembly time per table saved - try multiplying the minutes saved by an order of 150 tables!

Corporate News:  06 January 2016
Kick & Click™ has made office desk assembly fast and easy

Kick & ClickTM has made office desk assembly fast and easy. There is no need for tools or screws for mounting the columns to the tabletop. Assembly is achieved simply by "clicking" on the columns instead of using 2x6 screws, which was currently the standard mounting solution. 

Mr. V. Brokop from Giesselmann, a German company that produces frames for height adjustable desks, tested the new Kick & ClickTM system. "I estimate that we save around 10-12 minutes per desk assembled. 10-12 minutes may not seem as much, but when we have an order for e.g. 150 desks the time saved is around 25 hours. That is a lot!"

Avoid manual errors 
Apart from the time saved, Mr. Brokop also sees another benefit. With Kick & ClickTM, you avoid manual errors when mounting the 12 screws. Here you can assemble the tables consistently without forgetting one screw or screw one screw wrongly into the desk.

Intuitive solution 

He also finds the product intuitive - it simply says itself how to assemble it. No manual is needed. The parts of the Kick & Click system are simply kicked and clicked together. 

Want to know more? Please visit the LINAK Kick & Click page.
  Mr. V. Brokop from Giesselmann

Mr. V. Brokop from Giesselmann holding a Kick & ClickTM Base system.


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Updated: 06 January 2016 10:10