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Treatment couches and tables

LINAK actuators optimise ergonomics and comfort by enabling smooth height adjustment and positioning of backrests and leg supports.

Couches and tables for treatment and examination

Actuator solutions for electric couches and tables

With more and more patients to care for, the healthcare sector is constantly looking for ways to improve the working environment of treatment providers. Optimal ergonomics is a priority, and by using LINAK actuators you can offer comfortable and ergonomic couches/tables for treatment or examination that afford almost silent operation and are imbued with several other valuable benefits.

  • A unique system from a broad product range
  • Tried and tested technology
  • One supplier with a global presence

Back pain and spinal disorders are very common health problems among nurses and doctors. That is why improved ergonomics and flexible, easily-controlled electric adjustment of treatment and examination couches/tables are obvious focus areas. LINAK provides unique actuator solutions and systems that are suitable for use with any type of table or couch – from the most basic to the most advanced.

Enjoy great flexibility and create a unique solution
With LINAK, you have a vendor with a product portfolio that is so extensive you can build a system that meets your needs to a tee. Whether you need basic height adjustment, a parallel or scissor solution, or a more advanced setup with backrest or leg support adjustment, you do not need to worry about integration. Everything fits together and is very easy to mount and use. Design freedom is yours.

Rely on strong, tried and tested actuators
All LINAK products are thoroughly tested as a system before they leave the factory. This is done to ensure reliability and a long service life, with a minimal need of maintenance. The LINAK
SDT (Service Data Tool) can even help warn you if the system needs service to reduce the downtime on the couches and tables. However, this is an optional value-adding feature.

Buy everything in one place – anywhere
LINAK has more than 30 years of experience developing, refining and selling electric actuator systems. Through subsidiaries all over the world, you can purchase everything you need, and get support from experts with local market insight. 

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Couch and table systems

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Flexibility and great design in adjustable treatment couches and tables play-icon

Flexibility and great design

LA40 video play-icon


Thinking Within The Box play-icon

Thinking within the box

LINAK - thorough testing of Linear Actuator systems at the state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities play-icon

LINAK - thorough testing of linear actuator systems at the state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities


Focus on couches and tables

Flexible functionality and improved ergonomics are some of today’s needs for treatment and examination couches.

MEDLINE & CARELINE product overview

Dive into the wide variety of innovative MEDLINE & CARELINE products that can help you improve your hospital and healthcare equipment.

Treatment applications

LINAK actuator solutions provide smooth and low-noise adjustment of treatment chairs, couches/tables as well as dental chairs and wheelchairs.

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Systems for couches and tables

LINAK actuator systems create smooth lifts and adjustments in couches and tables for treatment and examination, and help improve ergonomics for practitioners. Specifications depend on individual needs and requirements. Whether you want a basic system for your treatment and examination couch/table, or require an advanced, customised solution, LINAK has the product portfolio to design the right system setup for you using three different solutions. Below are examples for basic, medium and advanced systems.

Videos related to couches and tables for treatment and examination

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in couches and tables for treatment and examination. Watch our videos and be inspired.

LINAK - thorough testing of Linear Actuator systems at the state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities play-icon

LINAK - thorough testing of linear actuator systems at the state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities

Linear Actuator LA23 from LINAK play-icon

Linear actuator LA23 from LINAK

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