Treatment applications

LINAK actuator solutions provide smooth and low-noise adjustment of treatment chairs, couches/tables as well as dental chairs and wheelchairs.

Treatment applications

LINAK actuator solutions provide smooth and low-noise adjustment of treatment chairs, couches/tables as well as dental chairs and wheelchairs.

Actuator solutions for treatment applications

As the life expectancy increases, so does the need for various kinds of treatment outside of traditional hospital framework. Treatment practitioners have to take in more patients and combined with an evolving obesity trend, applications need to be strong as well as help keep efficiency high. Using LINAK actuators in your treatment applications gives you several advantages, like:

  • Tested and certified to international medical standards
  • Intelligent Care Solutions™ adding extra functionality
  • Reliability of systems build upon 30+ years of experience

Adding adjustment options to treatment applications is not just about improving ergonomics for practitioners. The aging population and, in particular, the obesity trend require applications to be stronger and provide greater patient comfort. LINAK actuator systems help provide both comfort and reliable smooth adjustment of height, leg supports and backrests.

Be compliant with international medical standards
All LINAK products for treatment applications comply with international medical standards to make it easy for you to meet market requirements. Everything is tested thoroughly as a system prior to release to make manufacturers get the upper hand in a fierce and competitive market.

Add value with Intelligent Care Solutions
Regardless if you create movement with a basic actuator setup or a more advanced system, you get the smooth and low-noise LINAK movement and compact design. However, the pleasant comfort for the users can be enriched further. Intelligent Care Solutions gives you the opportunity to add accessories like scale, massage and SDT (Service Data Tool) enabling owners to predict and plan maintenance to avoid costly downtime.

Have an experienced partner with application knowledge
Through more than 30 years of experience LINAK have paid a keen ear to stakeholders and partnered up with manufacturers to create value for patients as well as practitioners worldwide. Our global presence means service, support and expertise are always nearby to assist you and your customers.

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