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Couches and tables in hospitals

LINAK actuators provide smooth adjustment of height, leg supports and backrests in modern tables and couches for treatment and examination.

Couches and tables for treatment and examination

Actuator solutions for electric couches/tables

Hospitals worldwide are looking for ways to improve the working environment of nurses and doctors. The focus is on ergonomics to minimise instances of back pain and spinal disorders among staff. As obesity among patients grows, this requirement is increasing. Choosing LINAK actuators to provide robust adjustment to improve comfort for patients and ergonomics for staff gives OEMs several noteworthy benefits.

  • Freedom of design with a broad range of products
  • Tried and tested systems to help stay standards-compliant
  • Experienced partner with a global presence

Working around tables and couches for treatment or examination, nursing staff and doctors often find themselves in awkward postures. This can lead to painful spinal disorders, absenteeism and ultimately increased expenses for hospitals. Integrating electric actuators with the overall couch or table design will abate this and also increase comfort for patients by soft adjustment of height, leg and backrest.

Stay in control of design with a wealth of options
LINAK has a very broad and specialised product portfolio when it comes to linear electric actuators and actuator system solutions. Whether you need basic height adjustment that fits into a parallel or scissor design solution, or a two-column solution for up/down movement, LINAK probably has what you need to stay ahead of the game. A LINAK solution offers full flexibility in programming the actuator movement pattern. A value-adding feature is the SDT (Service Data Tool) for early warnings when a service is needed.

Rely on tried and tested, and compliant systems
Every LINAK product is meticulously tested before it leaves the factory. This is not just to meet the required certifications – it is also to ensure a long service life of flawless performance with minimal maintenance. At LINAK, everything is tested as a system and is in compliance with international medical standards.

Benefit from an experienced partner with a global presence
Over the past 30+ years, LINAK has continually developed electric actuator systems and solutions. During its ongoing R&D process, the company has established a global presence and obtained extensive market insight. Combined with an ability to listen carefully to manufacturers, LINAK still strives to be a flexible partner able to develop more customised solutions if required.

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Couch and table systems

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Flexibility and great design in adjustable treatment couches and tables play-icon

Flexibility and great design

LA40 video play-icon


Thinking Within The Box play-icon

Thinking within the box

Linear Actuator LA23 from LINAK play-icon

Linear actuator LA23 from LINAK


Focus on couches and tables

Flexible functionality and improved ergonomics are some of today’s needs for treatment and examination couches.

MEDLINE & CARELINE product overview

Dive into the wide variety of innovative MEDLINE & CARELINE products that can help you improve your hospital and healthcare equipment.

Hospital applications

LINAK actuator systems allow ergonomic adjustment in hospital beds, treatment couches/tables and patient lifts with optional accessories as a part of Intelligent Care Solutions™.

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Systems for couches and tables

LINAK actuator systems create smooth lifts and adjustments in couches and tables for treatment and examination, and help improve ergonomics for practitioners. Specifications depend on individual needs and requirements. Whether you want a basic system for your treatment and examination couch/table, or require an advanced, customised solution, LINAK has the product portfolio to design the right system setup for you using three different solutions. Below are examples for basic, medium and advanced systems.

Videos related to couches and tables for treatment and examination

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in couches and tables for treatment and examination. Watch our videos and be inspired.

LINAK - thorough testing of Linear Actuator systems at the state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities play-icon

LINAK - thorough testing of linear actuator systems at the state-of-the-art LINAK test facilities

Linear Actuator LA23 from LINAK play-icon

Linear actuator LA23 from LINAK

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