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Adjustment of multi-functional furniture

Residents in modern city micro-apartments often have to be creative when it comes to furniture in their homes. The space available for interior appliances is minimal, which is why the demand for multi-functional furniture is growing rapidly.

Multifunctional furniture

One of the fastest growing trends in furniture and interior décor currently is ‘multi-functional furniture’. Combining design with functional benefits is becoming necessary as city populations surge to millions, and accommodation turns into so-called micro-apartments

Optimising your living space
Versatile solutions and designs allow residents to enjoy a high level of comfort – even in the tiniest of homes – and often in extremely elegant and stylish ways.

In brief, multi-functional furniture is designed to fulfil more than one task or purpose, all while maximising the use of the available space. Flexibility is an absolute keyword here.

Create flexibility by adding movement
Movement systems in micro-apartment furniture are becoming a more natural and rather obvious part of modern living in metropolitan areas. As a manufacturer of high-quality electric actuator solutions for adjustable furniture, LINAK follows the evolution of functional design closely. We know that electric actuators not only provide the luxury of smart and smooth moving furniture, it also saves you the toil of manually moving and turning a chair into a bed or a coffee table into a dining table.

In the series of articles below, you can see examples of multi-functionality integrated in the most common types of furniture for the home. All examples showcase stunning designs, intuitive ways and creative ideas.

Multi-functional beds

Comfort beds

A bed often takes up a lot of space in your home. Here are three examples of how a bed can have more functions and save space for the owner.
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Multi-functional chairs

Recliners and armchairs

Many people like to have a comfy chair. But with a little creativity the chair can be more than just a chair. Here are three examples:
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Multi-functional tables

Tables and desks

Having enough space around a table can be a challenge in small homes. Here are three great examples of how a multi-functional table can help.
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Multi-functional sofas

Sofas and couches

Most people find it hard to live without a sofa or couch. But here is how your sofa can serve more than one function, making it easier to fit into a smaller home.
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