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Manaya Bed-desk combines elegant bed design with chic and well-considered home work station

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For most people, a bed is the piece of furniture they spend the most consecutive hours with every day. This is probably why it is one of the key items of furniture in any home, regardless of the home’s size. Architects and designers often focus on beds when they want to add multi-functionality to furniture. Beds converting into sofas is nothing new. But this is just the beginning.


Bed-desk by Manaya

Mabaya bed-desk © Manaya, All Rights Reserved

Danish manufacturer Manaya decided to combine an elegant bed design with a rather chic home workstation. To Danes, so-called wall beds are not a new invention. But the desk bed adds another dimension, allowing the owner to have a standby bed for unexpected guests. The desk tabletop is two metres wide and remains in a horizontal position when converted into a bed. This means that the owner does not have to clear the desk every time the bed is needed. Manaya really made the ideal solution for the home office, the spare room, the dorm, or anywhere space is limited.

Read more about the bed-desk on their Danish website.


'Container' by Dielle Modus

Dielle Modus Container bed© Dielle Modus, All Rights Reserved

Another example is found by Italian bedroom design specialist Dielle Modus. The ‘Container’ combines a traditional double bed with a 4 m2 walk-in wardrobe. Discreet gas cartridges enable the mattress to be elevated, allowing access to your wardrobe storage underneath. The bed frame itself can also be used for storage – and also makes the perfect bookshelf.

The stairs leading up to the bed comprise a set of elegant shelves too, making them ideal for storing clothes or other items. The ‘Container’ is a real example of multi-functionality, maximising space usage and fully accommodating the needs of people living in small homes.

Read more about the bed on their Italian website.


'Cabinet Bed' by Asante

Asante Cabinet Bed © Asante, All Rights Reserved

The ‘Cabinet Bed’ is yet another example of the classic combo – bed and wardrobe. It is designed by Swedish studio Asante, who have used LINAK® actuators to assist with the movement. This height-adjustable wall bed includes a traditional bed with side tables, shelves, cabinet and even a TV set. With a single touch of a button, the living room is turned into a bedroom, making it ideal for micro-apartments or other homes where space is limited. When the bed is up, the cabinet blends in with the wall, and is virtually invisible.


Add electric adjustability

There is nothing to stop the integration of similar LINAK movement solutions, like the one in the Asante bed, in any of the other above mentioned designs. In most cases, it would even ease the conversion from one function to the other for the owner.

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