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Recliners Armchairs

Recliners and armchairs


Some consider an armchair or a recliner a really egoistic piece of furniture. However, to many this is the very symbol of a cosy and relaxed time with a good book and a cup of tea. Regardless of opinion or preference, this particular leisure furniture is the most likely to be avoided by residents in micro-apartments. Space is simply too scarce!

But, what if you could have a comfy transformer chair with more than just the reclining function? Would you keep it then? Take a look at the creative examples below, and try to imagine what your next armchair could look like.


'Savion' by Cortesi Home

Savion chair to daybed© Cortesi Home, All Rights Reserved

The convertible chair ‘Savion’ by Cortesi Home in Illinios, USA, is a good example of how furniture can have more than one function. Apart from being a comfy chair, it easily converts into a daybed, and from there into a bed. This allows you to always have an extra bed if you have an unexpected guest.


'Openbook Chair' by TILT

Openbook chair© Studio TILT, All Rights Reserved

Another rather intriguing example is the ‘OpenBook Chair’. It is designed and created by the London-based design agency, TILT. It is both a comfy armchair and a bookcase. This allows the owner to not only have his or her favourite books displayed in the middle of the room, but also to have books right where they read them. This ingenious furniture combines everything you need to enjoy a blanket, a book and a hot cup of tea.


'flOP' by Elena Sidorova

flOP chair to web© Elena Sidorova, All Rights Reserved

Russian-born designer Elena Sidorova found a way to combine living room and bedroom – or at least be able to offer a bed to overnight guests. This rather chic armchair can be transformed into a comfortable bed in a matter of seconds. It even offers storage space for linen, a quilt and pillow inside. From comfy chair to ready-made bed in an instant.

Read more about the chair-bed on Archello.


Add electric adjustability

Merging multi-functionality with practical comfort and optimal ergonomics can be done, and is absolutely possible without compromising the aesthetic aspects of your design.

All of these chairs could be equipped with an electric movement system, helping you transform your furniture from one purpose to another. Just push a button and allow integrated low-noise actuators to do the job. Try to imagine this being achieved with a personalised hand control, utilising the benefits of modern Bluetooth® wireless technology.

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