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Being able to offer all your guests a seat around the dinner table is important to most people. Fully enjoying a meal in the company of good friends requires the right amount of space for each guest. However, often the large living room table is the one to go in order to make room for other pieces of furniture in smaller homes. But, what if there was another way?


'Fiesta' by Sedit

Fiesta table© Sedit Srl., All Rights Reserved

A console table might not be exactly what springs to mind when talking about a dinner table for 12 persons. Not unless you are the Italian manufacturer Sedit, who is behind the ‘Fiesta’-table. At first glance, the Fiesta seems like any other console table – slim, elegant and placed up against an interior wall or partition. But, Fiesta holds a secret. It hides three (or four) extra tabletops that will convert it into a full-size dinner table for 6-12 people in a matter of minutes. Ideal for smaller homes or even micro-apartments.

Adding just one or two of the tabletops, you can even use it as a home office desk. Imagine this table equipped with electric lifting columns. Then you would have your own adjustable home office desk OR a living room conference table if you have a group of colleagues over for a project.

Read more about the table on their English website.


'Vengio' by Resource Furniture

Vengio table mirror© Resource Furniture, All Rights Reserved

Another example is the table ‘Vengio’ by US-based Resource Furniture. Vengio is a real space-saving superstar. The multi-functionality is instantly revealed when you pull out the wall-mounted mirror and turn it into a dinner table or a desk. It is ideal for residents in small apartments that are otherwise keeping them from having guests. Vengio can also be used as a home office desk.

Read more about the table on their English website.


'#236' by Skovby

Skovby #236 table© Skovby Møbelfabrik A/S, All Rights Reserved

The Danish manufacturer Skovby has already included a LINAK actuator solution in one of their multi-functional designs. The coffee table ‘Skovby #236’ has a switch hidden under the tabletop. With a single push the table rises and turns into a 6-person dinner table. The table is powered by a battery, making it cable-free and easy to move around the room.


Add electric adjustability

There are no doubt many other multi-functional furniture projects that could benefit from electric adjustment. Improved ergonomics is the most obvious. However, using LINAK® actuator solutions would also offer PVC-free components and extremely low standby power consumption – as low as 0.1 W. Low-noise technology would even put any concern about annoying and unwanted sounds to shame. Integrating a LINAK solution is adding ergonomics, multi-functionality and practical advantages to your furniture design without compromising the overall aesthetic perception.

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