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Trend series Micro apartments - Hong Kong

Sim-Plex – 30 m², Hong Kong


Another place where small apartments are becoming increasingly necessary is Hong Kong. The island has ambitions to build more affordable homes. According to plan, by 2027 an additional 280,000 council homes will be built, with no less than 180,000 more private homes.

The City of Hong Kong is known for having some of the highest property prices in the world, yet is also one of the places where people live in the smallest spaces. This has motivated several designers to be at the forefront and design small apartments with different rooms containing multifunctional furniture.

This 30 m² apartment is a good example, serving both as an apartment and art gallery for its art-loving owner. The apartment sleeps four people, with two beds in a separate bedroom, a living room with dining area, a kitchen and bathroom. And as if that was not enough – there is also room for a piano in the small apartment.

The addition of a few actuator solutions could give this apartment an even more flexible design. Height-adjustable sofa armrests could provide additional shielding for the workplace on the elevated floor. The height of the desk in the bedroom could be adjusted with a column, which would enable it to be used as a table, a bedside a cabinet and standing workstation. The TV could be retracted down into the shelf to create more space for and around art objects when the TV is not in use.

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Trend series Micro apartments - Hong Kong

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