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Trend series Micro apartments - London

Studiomama – 13 m², London


The challenge of housing a growing number of people in the same number of square metres is also being faced by major cities in Europe. The construction of micro apartments is on the rise in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. London has also begun to realise that building smaller homes could be the solution to its space challenge. In 2016 alone, over 8,000 apartments were built in England that measured less than 37 m².

One of the smallest homes is this house of just 13 m² in the heart of north London. The apartment was designed by Danish architect Nina Tolstrup from Studiomama. Every item has a different function, including a bed, work area, lounge seating, kitchen, bathroom, cupboard storage and dining area. Each cupboard is different, and they are all designed for a specific use, including storage of sewing machines, games, spice jars, wine and books.

Same space utilised several times
Behind one of the doors is a small desk that can be pulled out from the cupboard, thus making it possible to work standing up. All in all, this is a small but efficient home workspace. The integrated storage and side elements are designed to provide discreet dual functions. They can easily be expanded to create additional surfaces that can be used for seating, for example.

The bed is located at the narrowest end of the triangular room. It folds up when not in use, which creates additional space. When folded out, it reveals two thin bookshelves and a bedside cabinet.

The kitchen is located at the other end of the room, where the small hall is flanked by two tall cupboards. Behind this wall is the bathroom – the only separate room in the home.

Selected furniture items could be integrated with electric actuator solutions with greatly beneficial results. For example, the height of the dining table could be made adjustable, so it could be used as extra kitchen table space, but it could also be lowered to make an additional sleeping space on top of the benches. Furthermore, using electric actuators to store the bed away would also ease the strain on one's back when manually pushing the bed up.

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Trend series Micro apartments - London

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