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Trend series – Micro apartments

Concepts like Compact Living, Small Space Homes and Micro Apartments are becoming a popular feature in life style magazines and interior design blogs. A trend started by the ‘generation Y’ completely changes the way housing is seen in some of the world’s metropoles.

Trend series micro apartments

Over the last few years, the population numbers in the world's largest cities have been steadily rising, and this is putting pressure on the housing situation, as the demand greatly exceeds the supply. It also means that a growing number of people have to share the same space. This has created the trend currently referred to as Micro Apartments, Compact Living and Small Space Homes.

The trend of small homes is partly the result of generation Y (people born between 1980-2000), who are willing to sacrifice the number of square metres for the right location and fewer costs. The Compact Living approach is proving particularly popular in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, and Berlin.

Micro apartment concept explained
A micro apartment is characterised by having only one room, where the living room, bedroom and dining area are combined with a kitchenette and a bathroom. They are usually no larger than 14-32 m². This means that the furniture in these apartments has to be very flexible and serve multiple functions. It is therefore common to see these apartments equipped with adjustable tables and bedside cabinets, as well as hidden devices.

At LINAK, we produce small actuators that enable the adjustment of many items, including furniture. Interior furnishing with in-built actuator mechanisms can be easily converted and used for a variety of purposes. Using an electric actuator instead of a manual system ensures a smoother, gentler movement, which is far easier and more ergonomic to perform.

Designers to develop the trend
Several designers have already begun to integrate LINAK electric actuators into their furniture designed for micro apartments. One such example is this bedside cabinet, designed by Asante Architects, where the bed completely disappears inside the cupboard at the press of a button. Another example is the dining table from YO! Home, which is hidden in the floor.

We have gathered three examples of compact micro apartments, showing how the concept works. The series contain a number of smart solutions, where storage and multifunctional furniture are integrated into the design to provide space for all the daily tasks in the home. But, try to imagine how many more smart functions could be added to a home if electric actuators were included in the design phase.

Trend series Micro apartments - New York

LifeEdited2 – 32 m², New York

A small, minimalist, apartment with a dining table that seats ten people and beds that sleep four. 
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Trend series Micro apartments - Hong Kong

Sim-plex – 30 m², Hong Kong

Apartment with space for art, piano, and four sleep-over guests.
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Trend series Micro apartments - London

Studiomama – 13 m², London

Micro terraced house with a concealed bed and other smart solutions. 
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