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LINAK Graduate Programme

LINAK A/S is looking for the talents of today, the leaders of tomorrow and the experts of the future to support us in our ongoing solid success and increasing growth. Through our comprehensive graduate programme, you will get an opportunity to develop your career while, through LINAK products, improving people’s quality of life.

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The LINAK® graduate program is a two-year program. Within the two years you get the opportunity to work with 3 to 6 projects while at least one of the projects will be international. You will have a custom-made program fitted your interests ensuring a steep learning curve. You will be given the opportunity to lead important projects and excel your career through idea creation and knowledge sharing.

LINAK will provide two mentors to support you on your journey: a senior professional mentor and a senior personal mentor to help you set and achieve both professional and personal goals.

Our future graduates must be driven and ambitious to reach both professional and personal goals. It is important to be open-minded and have a natural willingness to seek knowledge and learn, while we also need our future graduates to take initiative in solving challenges that come along the way. Our graduates must find it natural to motivate people around them to achieve the best results possible. We are looking for graduates who see possibilities rather than limits with a determined mind to push the limits of possibilities. However, we also acknowledge analytical skills and the ability to approach problems in-depth methodologically while being able to keep the overview of the strategic direction.

As a Graduate at LINAK you must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree and it is an advantage to have practical experience from either internships or student jobs.

The Graduate Programme at LINAK is a unique opportunity that gives competencies and the necessary experience to be a future leader or specialist at LINAK. In other words, it takes an adaptable mindset and the guts to take chances every now and then. The best part of the programme is exactly that you will be challenged both on a personal and professional level.
Seyed Javad Hossaini, Project Engineer, Graduate in Operations, LINAK A/S.

Open positions for our Graduate Programme will continuously be advertised. Follow our jobsite to apply for the Graduate Programme of your dreams.

FAQ – Common questions and answers

What is the LINAK Graduate Programme?

The Graduate Programme is a two-year programme where Graduates get the opportunity to develop themselves through a steep learning curve working on different projects within different areas of the business. The Graduate Programme is designed individually to kickstart newly educated Graduates’ career.

Do I get a mentor?

In the LINAK Graduate Programme you are assigned to two mentors, as we find it necessary continuously to develop on both a personal and a professional level. Therefore, you are assigned a senior personal mentor and a senior professional mentor.

In what business areas do you offer the LINAK Graduate Programme?

We offer four different tracks in our LINAK Graduate Programme:

  • Operations, which will typically include production, logistics, optimisation, and automation
  • Sales, which will typically include consumer growth, marketing, market analysis and customer analysis
  • R&D, which will typically include concept and product development, project management and mechanical and electrical engineering
  • IT, there are different directions within IT that you can be involved in during your LINAK Graduate Programme – e.g. ERP, CRM, PLM, Digital Production, BI/Big Data/AI
  • Supply chain, which typically include logistics and purchasing projects. Working with suppliers to optimize a category of raw materials, creating new logistical setups and processes internally as well as externally, analysing material flow, improving our forecasting process

Am I guaranteed a position at LINAK after finishing the Graduate Programme?

Yes, our Graduate Programme is a permanent contract. We believe that the people we hire for the Graduate Programmes are also people who we see as future LINAK employees.

What types of projects do Graduates do?

The specific project can vary a lot depending on personal interests and needs in the organisation at the current time. However, examples could be:

  1. Operations: Automation of production, using a collaborative robot (including producing business case, setting up prototype, programming of the robot and collecting offers from suppliers)
  2. Sales: Creating a go-to-market strategy regarding a new product concept (including market structure mapping, sales channel analysis, description of procurement processes, relationship building with external stakeholders, and competitive landscape analysis)
  3. R&D: Concept development and supplier selection for a collaborative automation concept with following project execution on an existing production line
  4. IT: Implementing new IT systems, tools, and processes – from needs analysis to implementation. Working with Big Data/AI to improve our efficiency in production or sales
  5. Supply Chain: Working with suppliers to optimize a category of raw materials, creating new logistical setups and processes internally as well as externally, analysing material flow, improving our forecasting process

When and how can I apply?

Most often you can apply during the spring. However, positions for our LINAK Graduate Programmes will continuously be advertised. Keep an eye on our job site and follow LINAK on LinkedIn for open positions. Typically, the LINAK Graduate Programme starts in September.

Do I need to speak Danish to apply for the Graduate Programme?

Our general rule of thumb is that it can be an advantage to speak a little Danish, especially for those in close contact with the production site. Otherwise, LINAK is a global company who has many international colleagues and business partners.

Can I apply for the Graduate Programme before officially graduating?

Yes, if you plan on graduating in the same year as starting the Graduate Programme.

Is there a possibility to have an international project?

We strive after making at least one international project while being in the Graduate Programme. The international project will take place at one of our international production facilities (The USA, Thailand, Slovakia, or China) or one of more than 30+ subsidiaries around the world.

What educational level do I need to apply for the LINAK Graduate Programme?

At LINAK we require that you hold a bachelor or a master’s degree.

How long is the Graduate Programme running?

Our LINAK Graduate Programme is designed to run for about 2 years, however we are flexible according to extending/shortening if needed dependent on projects and personal needs.

How many projects do you usually have?

At LINAK we are open towards the projects and the length of them as well. However, Graduates will have between 3 and 6 projects during their LINAK Graduate Programme.

Where is the Graduate Programme located?

Primarily, you will be at our Headquarters in Guderup, Denmark.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

If you have further questions regarding our LINAK Graduate Programme, please reach out to Peter Braun, HR Consultant, phone +45 7315 1623.

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