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Move on - go electric!

Replacing hydraulic systems with electric actuator solutions.

At LINAK, we have been producing electric linear actuator solutions for more than 30 years. We believe that electric actuator solutions can replace hydraulic systems in many application areas ranging from industrial automation, solar tracking and wind energy to heavy-duty agricultural machines, trucks and construction machinery.

In short: actuator solutions can help improve your business.

We believe several advantages can be achieved by going electric. For example:
  • Reliable, safe and accurate movement
  • Cost-effective solutions with easy installation, simple setup and zero maintenance
  • Easy control and built-in intelligent features
  • Environmentally friendly solutions – no fluids, no leakage and low power consumption
  • Battery operated options are available

Examples of applications where electric movement can make a difference:

MIEDEMA moved on with LINAK electric actuators
Dutch machine manufacturer Miedema offers farmers a complete programme for potato cultivation, from soil preparation and planting to cleaning, storing and sorting.

Wherever possible, we try to replace hydraulic systems with electric systems. Electric actuators do not leak. Maintenance is also much simpler,” says Christiaan Poot, Technical Support Manager at Miedema. 

Read the full story: “Miedema: We get better work procedures with LINAK electric actuators” or learn about the advantages of electric solutions compared to hydraulic systems in the focus brochure “Move on – go electric!”.
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Move on - go electric!

Learn about the advantages of actuator solutions compared to hydraulic systems.

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