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Quiet and powerful lifting columns for medical equipment

Power, reliability, and a high safety factor are some of the keywords often used to describe the LINAK® LC-series of lifting columns. Here we reveal some of the secrets behind the most powerful lifting column series on the market today.

For LINAK®, developing actuators for strenuous and demanding jobs is nothing new. For more than 35 years, we have developed high-quality systems for electric adjustment of a wealth of medical applications.

Today there is a full series of electric lifting columns setting the standard for vertical lifting and high performance in markets worldwide. The LINAK LC series is considered by many to be a global benchmark when it comes to power and performance, not to mention elegant design and smooth, low-noise movement.

Features such as flexible cable management, compact built-in dimensions and high bending moment make the LC series an extremely versatile lifting column range.

Below we have turned the spotlight on some of the most obvious advantages you get when you equip your healthcare application with a LINAK LC lifting column series.

LINAK is much more than just a supplier.


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