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Power to improve performance, safety, and comfort

In some situations, the amount of power defines the performance level of a given application. The LC electric lifting column series is a family of powerful LINAK® products designed to deliver reliable lifting, push or pull, in healthcare equipment requiring high performance.

In healthcare, applications such as operating tables, X-ray equipment and other advanced applications rely on a power surplus to lift heavy loads at high speed. Efficiency, ergonomics, and patient comfort depend on it.

The LINAK® LC series includes high-performance lifting columns that are able to deliver the powerful push or pull movement. One of the ‘family members’ – the LC3 – was developed to deliver fast and strong vertical lifting in high-end medical applications, such as operating tables and X-ray equipment. Combining the control box CO71 (350 W) with the LC3 in a system will make the LC3 move almost anything – and quickly with a maximum speed of 18.0 mm/s in a 6,000 N version and 29.0 mm/s in a 4,000 N version.

It comes in 2-stage, 3-stage, and heavy-duty versions. Which particular one you need depends on the application, but they are all able to lift up to 4,000 N, 5,000 N, or 6,000 N in push and 4,000 N in pull. With a safety factor of 5 in both load directions, the LC3 is an extremely solid and stable lifting column, ideal for surgery and examination environments, where even small movements matter greatly.

It is all about reliability, stability, and high-performance – every time, every day.

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