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Cable management – improved design, installation, and cleaning

Whether you are installing movement to surgery chairs, X-ray equipment or to other advanced medical equipment, well-designed cable management is a prerequisite for your solution to achieve a number of advantageous benefits.

Cable management in the LINAK® LC lifting column has been carefully thought through. First of all, good cable management makes it so much easier to mount and install. Having the cables run through the column also makes it a lot faster to clean. In fact, the hidden cables help to reduce the bacteria level, which is often crucial in hospitals and other treatment environments. Finally, it really enhances your elegant design.

The cables used with the LC3 – 2-stage or 3-stage – are only visible where connection to other products or to mains is required. This will in no way harm system flexibility or limit the number of design options you have – on the contrary.

Up to two cables through the column and several different top and bottom-plate designs help accommodate many different application designs. In fact, the LC3 cable options comprise more than 30 combinations, including mains cable, hand control cable, motor cable, and an earthed profile.

Easy, fast, elegant, and easy to clean!

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