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Retaining design flexibility with versatile lifting columns

Over a period of four decades, knowledge and experience have been converted into flexible movement systems and solutions, allowing our customers to design the application they want. Today, LINAK® is able to make actuator solutions for almost anything in healthcare.

Design freedom is a prioritised privilege many LINAK® customers prefer to retain. This is why we offer such an extensive product range, full of versatile actuators, control boxes, and solutions that fit almost any healthcare application you can think of.

The LC lifting column series is another example of how flexibility is an inherent part of LINAK design and development. Using our LC columns as your base, you can build systems with complex movement, precise and intuitive control, and a wealth of value-adding features. The columns simply blend in.

The LINAK lifting column LC3 was developed with strong vertical lifting in mind. However, it is also the optimal choice when more than one movement or movement patterns are needed for the application. Horizontal tilt or a slide function are for example often required in surgery tables.

With the LC3, you can mount an actuator on the column side. This adds flexibility to the application design phase when more movements or accessories are necessary. You can mount products on all four LC3 sides – also at the same time.

In short, you can have all the benefits and a great design – all without having to comprise your own application design.

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