Solutions for Flatscreens & TV Lifts

TV lift systems

Motorised tv lift systems

TVs are used everywhere - we are surrounded by them at work, in public and at home. Use a motorised TV lift to make it disappear when not needed. Sometimes it is also practical to be able to easily adjust the height to allow a perfect view.
Electric linear actuator systems are the perfect solution, if you need a motorised lift system for your TV or any other kind of audio visual media.

DESKLINE® flexible modular actuator systems offer you complete design freedom. We supply easily operated low noise TV lift systems to mount in multipurpose furniture, stand-alone applications or to hide a flat screen TV in the foot of the bed.
If you need to hide or adjust the height of flat screen TVs, please contact LINAK DESKLINE for a reliable high-quality actuator solution. What is more, there is 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects on DESKLINE products.
What is a Lifting Column
A lifting column is an electric linear actuator integrated into…
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