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Benefits of an app for adjustable recliners

Use the My Recliner app to control a recliner and get more readily available features with a user-friendly interface.

The My Recliner App in hand with premium features open

Our app for recliners come with multiple benefits ranging from storing favourite positions, setting up in-app payment for certain features, and both seeing the battery status and getting warnings. Not forgetting the easy customisation.


A broad user-interface with many possibilities

We see great opportunities in using an app as the convenient in-pocket hand control. For most of us, the smartphone is a permanent fixture in our lives. We know that many of us bring it almost everywhere. This is also the reason why an app is a very convenient way to adjust comfort furniture.

It goes without saying that a control for a recliner has to be simple and easy to use. However, we also found that customers demand simplicity while simultaneously demanding multiple convenient features at their fingertips. This duality means that the bigger user-interface in an app can kill two birds with one stone – simplicity and usability. In our app we present multiple features while maintaining a simple and manageable control unit.


Introducing premium features

It simply makes sense to make sure that both the consumer and manufacturer benefit from the control option. In the LINAK® My Recliner™ app , we introduce premium features such as a visible battery status. You can also store and name your own favourite positions. On a physical hand control or control panel, these features would mean various extra buttons but in an app they can be easily hidden away.

How does an app control the furniture?

To connect the app and system, we utilise Bluetooth® integration in the system to enable a wireless connection from the actuators to not only a hand control, but also an app.


In other words, an app provides a good overview of features in a platform you probably already carry with you everywhere – your mobile phone. It is convenient, practical, and just makes sense.


What does an app give us that a regular hand control does not?



Regular control unit


Up/down with back and leg



Store favourite positions


Visible battery status


Generate revenue with extra payment


Home button (optional)



Customisation possible




The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc. and any use of such marks and logos by LINAK® is under license.

Video: the My Recliner App adjust an electric adjustable recliner chair with a LINAK actuator system. play-icon

Add the LINAK My Recliner App to your adjustable recliner portfolio


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