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Electric adjustment systems are moving into the classroom, too

Your school days may be long gone, but the musty smell of a used board rubber still brings back old memories. Today, school boards are very different – for one thing, they do not require damp board rubbers. The company Remonta produces classic school boards, but also supplies systems that no longer need rubbers. Today, blackboards are increasingly being requested in combination with displays and whiteboards.

Modern display stand in classroom. Electrically adjustable: better visibility for the audience - improved ergonomics for the teacher.

Remonta supplies fixture systems that are integrated with an electric height-adjustment function. These electric adjustment systems are supplied by the Danish company LINAK®. Operations Manager Holger Rödig explains his reasons for his collaboration with the company: "LINAK is the market leader and provides a wide range of high-quality products. Their products just keep going. We've had no problems so far. In all these years, we've only had to replace something twice."

Remonta is seeing an increase in the demand for electric height adjustment. More and more tender specifications require this solution. "Of course, we continue to supply mechanical systems, but electric height adjustment is becoming increasingly popular," says Junior Managing Director Marc Nies, supporting what his Operations Manager said.

No wonder - after all, a mechanical school board always needs a counterweight. Electrical systems are much easier to transport. Technicians tasked with setting up a classic school board on the second floor of a school building have a lot to carry.

Electrically adjustable monitor stand combined with whiteboards. Made by Remonta - lifting powered by LINAK.

An electrical system is much lighter and has fewer components. Technicians love it. Shipping is also simpler and cheaper due to the weight and small number of parts.

It is quick to set up thanks to Plug & Play. Electric board systems may move more slowly than mechanical ones, but smart operation also has its advantages: the boards can be controlled via an app using a Bluetooth® connection, so the teacher no longer has to stand up to operate the board. A hand-held control unit is also available and works in the same way.

A long travel distance is an important feature in the LINAK products used. Small children need to be able to reach the board easily. The DL12XL with its long stroke length is ideal for this purpose. PIEZO collision protection ensures safety. If the board hits an obstacle, an electrical impulse is emitted, causing the system to stop the movement and move a bit in the opposite direction – away from the obstacle.

Three-column LINAK lifting system for heavy displays and monitor stands.

If the board system is too heavy, Remonta simply supplies a three-column system to ensure functionality over a long period of time. The single-column system with the DL2 electric lifting column is also extremely stable and elegant. The Siegen-based company offers it as a wall-mounted, freestanding, or mobile solution on castors.

One column can lift and lower up to 250 kg. This makes it possible to install even the heaviest of displays with panel wings and other options. Its integrated controller ensures safety.

In a school environment, you have to remove clutter - as anything can happen there … So, the fewer components there are to hide away the better,” jokes Holger Rödig.

Adjustable monitor stand powered by a single, sturdy, and elegant LINAK DL2 electric lifting column.

It is not just the issue of safety and stability that plays a major role at Remonta; the design must be right too. The company is one of the few manufacturers that adapts board wings to the size of the displays, thereby achieving straight frame lines and minimal gap dimensions.

On the one hand, this is because one hundred per cent of the board is produced in-house, but it is also because Remonta has countless universal connection elements. This means that all frame sizes and customer-specific requirements can be implemented. Apart from the board, Remonta purchases the other products externally. The reasons for this are understandable: after all, the display market is fast-moving. To this end, the owner-managed company has strong partners at its side.

Large, height-adjustable display in meeting or conference room. Adjusted via LINAK electric actuators.

All board systems must be inspected on site by TÜV. A design suitability type test is passed. For this purpose, the company has hired two employees who work exclusively with TÜV and carry out maintenance work on the systems. Excellent service!

'LINAK is the market leader and provides both a wide range of products and high quality. Their products just keep going'
Holger Rödig, Remonta Operations Manager

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc. and any use of such marks and logos by LINAK® is under license.

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