Interaction Design Engineer - Doa'a Musleh

Interaction Design engineer
Doa'a musleh

Engineer Trainee and Thesis Student -
Doa'a Musleh

At the university, LINAK is very known and recognised. Therefore, I was determined to seek an internship here.

I am very ambitious and assign great weight to the fact that LINAK is an international company full of experts in each their professional area.

To me this meant that I on the one hand experienced freedom and confidence that I could manage my tasks. And, on the other hand, I was always able to ask for help from the experts when I needed it.

At the same time, LINAK combines design and creativity with the technical aspect. This fits perfectly with what I want to do. That is why I decided to come back and make my thesis here at LINAK.

Openness and responsibility
During my internship, a part of my task was to make user surveys. This meant that I had contact to quite a lot of people with different skills and cultural backgrounds.

I am sure this is something from which I will benefit in my future career.

I also got a good company understanding. I was allowed to attend exiting meetings and got insight into a big, well-functioning organisation. I think this is unique at LINAK.

Besides the professional challenges, it means a lot to me that there is an incredibly good working environment with nice, cooperative people and a super atmosphere. All employees talk to each other and greet – the managers.

Fundament for the future
The theme of my thesis is to develop a sales tool for the salesmen here in Denmark as well as in all subsidiaries.

I work on making it user-friendly both for our salesmen and for our customers, so this time I get in contact with incredibly many people and get knowledge and experience, which I can really utilise.

This applies to both my thesis and in the longer run – no matter what I will do in the future.

And, I would really like to come back here and work for LINAK.
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