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Settling down in Sønderborg

The Sønderborg area has, besides a lot of great career opportunities, a large number of cultural and social initiatives such as various experiences, attractions, associations, educational facilities, shops and institutions.


The municipality is home to one international school and several German day care centers and schools. All these initiatives help to give newcomers a good start in the municipally and the opportunity for a good balance between work life and private life.

When moving to a new area there is a lot of knowledge that must be acquired in order to settle down. Sønderborg municipally has gathered all the information you need as a newcomer in order to find inspiration to the opportunities which the area can offer you. The municipally would like to help ensure that all newcomers settle down in the area. Hence the initiative Newcomer Service which you are more than welcome to contact for guidance and information about all the opportunities in the Sønderborg area. 

Sønderborg is just a stone’s throw from the rest of the world. In just 35 minutes you can fly to Copenhagen, and a major city such as Hamburg is just a two-hour drive away.

Map of Denmark


Newcomer in Denmark
As international newcomer there is a lot of new information that you must deal with. It takes time to become integrated and adapt to a new culture. This both applies to your personal life but also to your working life. For what is it really like to work in Denmark and be a part of the Danish society? The organisation work-live-stay has gathered a lot of information about that question and a lot of other questions that you might have. As a newcomer it is important to be aware of the registration procedure upon your arrival in Denmark. For more help and further information, please contact your local Newcomer Service.

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