Improvement, innovation and development are keywords at LINAK. They apply to our products, the way we do business and they also apply to our employees.
We encourage both professional and personal development in all employees. We will almost certainly support most wishes for further education, job change or even a posting in one of our subsidiaries abroad.
If you need new challenges at LINAK, you literally just have to say the word. You can always ask for a personal development interview, and at least once a year you will be called for an interview.
Once a year you will also be asked to take part in a survey of how well LINAK is performing in relation to our policies and values. You will find that any new ideas or suggestions are welcome and in many cases, you will even get the chance to help realise them.
Sometimes job satisfaction is not just about your career and professional opportunities. If you have any personal needs – passing or permanent – that have an influence on your job situation, LINAK will always try to be flexible in order to find a solution that will improve your situation.
We want to see you as a whole person and to treat you accordingly. Maybe the best way to understand what this means is to see what some of our employees have to say about working at LINAK.
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We respect people and we respect life - this promise is reflected in our policies.
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