Corporate Marketing & Promotion Manager
tove villumsen


 “You can get an incredible amount of career opportunities at LINAK. There is always something new starting up and if you have ambitions, you will be noticed. I started out as a marketing assistant a very long time ago. My career has been steadily evolving, and I have had a constant flow of new challenges and opportunities.”
Good management
“All levels of the management at LINAK are very good at coaching. If there is a potential it will be noticed, and if some kind of further education is needed a solution will be found. It is this kind of flexibility and the fact that you can always get positive attention from the management that ensures that your career will evolve steadily.”
The LINAK spirit
“There is a certain spirit at LINAK. It is hard to describe. Part of it is constant movement. There is always a new project starting up. There is always something new and exciting happening. Lots of creativity and a passion for improving. Another part is a great feeling of belonging and inter-connectedness. We have lots of pleasant social activities, but the company also feels a responsibility to offer its support if something troubles you. LINAK will be there if you want it. We perceive and take care of each other as a whole not just employees or colleagues.”
Great to be part of a success
“To me it is also important that what we create and manufacture help improve the life of a great many people. It makes me happy and proud. I really believe we have a lot to offer if you consider coming to work for LINAK. – And it is always great to be part of a success.”


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