Project Manager
jette nelleberg


“I learned about LINAK at a job fair in Aalborg when I was studying to become an engineer. The company sounded really interesting and although all my family live in the northern part of Jutland, I applied for an internship on Als. I was really excited about what I learned and got to try out during my stay, so I decided to do my final thesis at LINAK.”
When Jette graduated in Aalborg, LINAK was looking for quality engineers. She did not hesitate to apply and she was glad to get job as a Q-specialist at LINAK. Today Jette is the project manager in charge of an interdivisional quality programme. But, it all started with an internship.
My internship was just great
“When I applied for my internship, I was invited to an interview. Then I was assigned a mentor who helped define a project for me to work on. LINAK was also helpful with practical matters like getting a place to live. During my internship, I got to try out a lot of things, and I got to attend a few intern courses as well. It was really a great stay.”
Personal and professional development
“As an intern I learned that LINAK is a place that allows for both personal and professional development. Actually sometimes, you have to learn to say ‘no’. If you express an interest in something, you are allowed to try it out. That is something I really appreciate.”
Always ready to change
“The LINAK set of values means a lot in my job. The entire organisation is passionate about improving all the time. The tone of voice is informal from top to bottom. New ideas are tried out. You get to be heard, and there is a great readiness to change things if a new idea will lead to improvements. So it is quite easy to find career opportunities that will satisfy your personal ambitions for your future development inside the company.”


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