TIPS for job applications

When applying for a job at LINAK, please observe that the point is to sell yourself, but not to oversell. We need a short description of your relevant qualifications as well as your ambitions and goals regarding the vacancy. Please state why you think we should employ you and how you feel you can contribute. Finally, we would also like a few words about your personal background and interests.
Always remember to state which vacancy you are applying for.

Expectations for your application
  • Motivated application
  • CV in chronological order, classified by work experience,
    education and other experience 
  • Relevant references from previous employers and other job relevant enclosures
  • Grade reports  
Please state careful contact data, including a contact telephone number where we can reach you during business hours.


Submit your application to:
Our Policies
We respect people and we respect life - this promise is reflected in our policies.
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