Any new employee at LINAK is hired in order to ensure the continued growth and development of our company. Our recruitment process aims to attract and retain the right sort of people – both for the job and for our work culture and way of doing things.

We start the evaluation when we receive your application. We aim to give you a response as quickly as possible after the closing date. This way you will soon know whether you have been selected for an interview or if someone else has been preferred.
The job interview
The purpose of the job interview is to give both parties a chance to ensure a correct match between the vacancy and your qualifications and expectations. You will meet the manager and possibly some members of the team connected to the job. A member of the HR Department is usually present at the interview.
After the interview, we decide whether you match the profile we are looking for. You will be informed of our decision as soon as possible.
The personality assessment
Before the actual appointment, every employee at LINAK has to undergo a personality assessment. This is usually performed at LINAK, all information obtained from the test and the personal interview is treated confidentially. The personality assessment helps ensure maximum compatibility between you, LINAK, the team, the manager and the requirements of the job. 
We use a very thorough recruitment process at LINAK, but we aim to give everybody a fair and acceptable treatment. We are proud to say that to date this process has played an important role in maintaining a very high degree of job satisfaction at LINAK.
Our Policies
We respect people and we respect life - this promise is reflected in our policies.
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