In order to maintain our position as an innovative and forward thinking partner to our customers, LINAK needs to have access to the latest knowledge and expertise. This is why we are working closely together with a number of educational institutions to ensure new talent to keep our knowledge up to date. 

Many students come to us for an internship or a training period. Often they even choose to do their final thesis at LINAK. We appreciate the input of young students very much and offer a well-planned and structured course of your stay with us. We will also help you in a number of practical matters such as finding accommodation.
Together we will work out a suitable project for you after an initial interview. You will become a member of one of our team, and you can expect to be part of the day to day challenges and decisions.
Your analytical abilities will no doubt be sharpened. In time, you will become a capable and systematic problem cruncher. On top of this, you will experience close relations with your colleagues in a busy, challenging and unpretentious culture with an open informal tone of voice.
To apply for an internship or traineeship.

For questions and further information, please contact the HR Department.
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We respect people and we respect life - this promise is reflected in our policies.
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